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Texas County Courthouses

As part of my exploration of Texas, I've begun taking pictures of the Courthouses that make up the county seats in the Texas counties. Each has a rich history and many are striking in their architecture. With 254 counties in Texas, this is but a start of what will be a long project!

Cauldwell County

Caldwell County - Lockhart

Ellis County Courthouse - Waxahachie

Ellis County - Waxahachie

Williamson County

Williamson County - Georgetown

McLennon County Courthouse - Waco

McLennon County - Waco

Hill County Courthouse - Hillsboro

Hill County - Hillsboro

IMG_8780 Bell  County Courthouse - Belton

Bell County - Belton

IMG_8950 Lee County Courthouse - Giddings

Lee County - Giddings

IMG_8995 Waller  County Courthouse

Waller County Courthouse

IMG_8988 Washington  County Courthouse - Brenham

Washington County - Brenham